NBA Fastbreak – Two Ramp Set


NBA Fastbreak – Two Ramp Set

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NBA Fastbreak – Two Ramp Set

Make the shot every time with new NBA Fastbreak ramps!! These new ramps are made with an exclusive thicker stronger plastic which will last for many seasons!

The new Hoops ramp includes entrance flap and decals. Also included but not shown are left and right entrance protectors and a switch bracket. You will have to move the reed switches and the hoops shot protector. We have identified 2 different protectors, The far left and right holes are the same but the rest of the holes are slightly off. You may have to redrill them. Tiny screws are included in case you can’t rivet.

These are sold as a set only.


These are Genuine and Licensed Starship-Fantasy Reproductions made from original, or improved tooling with stronger plastic.

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Dimensions 65 × 45 × 20 cm

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