Jurassic Park 3 Piece Hole Protector Set


Jurassic Park 3 Piece Hole Protector Set

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Jurassic Park Hyperthin 3 Piece Hole Protector Set

Power Shed, Bunker and Control Room.

The scoops are a single assembly and must be relocated as far back in the holes as possible. If the scoop assembly is not moved back the ball will NOT go down the Bunker hole. Relocation is very simple and should only take about 10 minutes. Simply flip up the playfield, remove the 3 screws holding the scoop assembly, slide back against the holes and reinstall screws. You may not be able to reinstall the middle screw as it may be on the edge of the old screw hole but that’s ok, it holds fine without it. You shouldn’t have to drill new holes for the screws, just push hard with your 1/4″ nut driver and the screws will make their own holes

Genuine Cliffy Protector Set

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