Classic Stern Shoe and Shaft Type 2 Black


Classic Stern Shoe and Shaft Type 2 Black

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Classic Stern One-Piece Flipper Bat Assembly – 03/80 – 11/81 (Type 2)

One-piece molded flipper bat used on classic Stern machines using *Type 2* flipper assemblies.

This bat is the original size and shape (thinner than Bally bats, wider than Williams bats). They also have the correct shaft length with the notch in the correct place for the pawl to grab onto.

This assembly is not compatible with Stern *Type 1* pinball machines or Bally pinball machines.

Used on the following games ;

Big Game, Seawitch, Cheetah, Quicksilver, Star Gazer, Flight 2000, Nine Ball, Freefall, Lightning, Split Second, Catacomb, Iron Maiden, Viper, Cue, Dragonfist

Stern reference – U379



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