Ball Trough Magnetic Jam Protector – 03-16809


Ball Trough Magnetic Jam Protector – 03-16809

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Ball Trough Magnetic Jam Protector – 03-16809

New Ball Trough shim for Williams / Bally pinball machines eliminates the sticky, magnetized ball problems that are common in the factory ball trough. Precision cut PETG plastic liner insulates the balls from the metal ball trough rail preventing residual magnetism from inhibiting free ball movement. Has the added benefit of reducing ball noise in the trough.

Designed for use with Bally-Williams A-16809-2 and 01-11587 trough assembly machines including all WPC-S and WPC-95 machines.

Peel off both protective film sides before installation. Install by inserting it into the trough through the trough rear access hole, sliding it under the balls. No need to dis-assemble the ball trough.

Remove the protective backing tape prior to installation. The protector is clear.

Reference – 03-16809

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Dimensions 21 × 6 × 0.00025 cm

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